1. Supply of materials / Registrationtill 01.07.2019 15.07.2019
  2. Reviewing of materials till 15.07.2019 20.07.2019
  3. Representation of the corrected materials till 20.07.2019
  4. Payment and participation confirmation till 01.08.2019


When submitting reports, you must apply a template that is posted by the link:

If the authors submit non-English materials, in order to index materials in science-based databases, it is necessary to duplicate in English the following information: «Paper Title», «Authors Name/s», «Affiliation», «dept. name of organization», «City, Country», «e-mail», «address». You also need to submit an extended «Abstract» with a volume of up to 1600 characters and «Keywords» in English.

The tape "Література" must be duplicated in English «References».

Article volume 2 - 4 pages. The last page should be filled by at least 80%.

Links are provided in the original language in accordance with the requirements of the IEEE, presented on the conference web page.

If the materials are in English, this information should be duplicated in Ukrainian.

Publications are subject to review.


For each report of the participant after the positive review it is necessary to transfer the registration fee in the amount of:

For obtaining the printed copy of materials of reports it is necessary to transfer in addition ₴200 (or €10 for foreign participants). It will be necessary to pay for each additional page (over 4) materials of the report in addition ₴20 account The account details for payment of the registration fee will be indicated after a positive review.

Payment for accommodation and meals is carried out independently.